What is the price of cashew nuts in india?

The types of cashew nuts are different from each other in terms of quality, size, color, appearance, etc. It is quite obvious that packaged cashew nuts are more expensive than cashew nuts available in loose form. More than 300,000 hectares of land in Vietnam are used for the production of cashew nuts and has a productivity of 1000 kilograms per square kilometer. The flowering time for cashew nuts is during the winter season and the best time to harvest cashew nuts is between the spring and summer seasons.

The country has a separate cashew nut association called the Vietnam Cashew Association, which was formed in 1990 and is responsible for the development of Vietnam's cashew industry. While approximately 33 types of cashew nuts are produced in the world, not all of them are exported or available for commercial use. Now, many countries such as Ivory Coast, Vietnam, Nigeria, Indonesia and India not only grow this nut but also export it to different parts of the world.