What is the profit in cashew nut?

You can expect to get the profit margin from processing cashew nuts for the first year that will be. This generation of Indians has more purchasing power than any of the previous ones and they like dried fruits, especially cashew nuts. With the increase in demand for cashew nuts and domestic production unable to meet demand, import opportunities have increased. Will the recent reduction in import duties on cashew nuts increase importers' profits? Analysis of The Dollar Business.

In the local market, raw and roasted cashew nuts are a cost-effective mass consumer product. Nearly all grocery stores, supermarkets, and malls sell these items regularly. In addition, bakeries, confectioneries, hotels, candy stores and restaurants are the main bulk consumers of cashew nuts. Such valuable nutrition has led snack manufacturers to launch several cashew-based snacks to meet demand, such as ready-to-drink cashew milk, which acts as a substitute for lactose-free milk.

Make the choice purposely taking into account accessibility to the prepared market and also from transportation to the available raw cashew nut. The fleshy fruit known as cashew can be sold directly as food, while cashew nuts, the most important part of the cashew nut, when roasted can be sold directly to consumers as a snack. Although the current global production scenario does not favor them, they believe that cashew exporting countries will soon increase their production. In fact, the cashew nut fraternity expected the withdrawal of import duties and CEPCI had made this the first point of its strategic plan presented to the government.

Commercial cashew cultivation is practiced in different states, mainly in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Goa, Kerala, Karnataka, Orissa, Maharashtra and Gujarat. India, which is getting younger and healthier every year, is experiencing an increase in demand for cashew nuts. Taking into account the availability of raw materials and market prospects, the processing capacity of 500 tons of raw cashew nuts per season is optimal. We import from these countries because the demand in the Indian market for cashew nuts is specifically for white grains.

India's growing demand for cashew nuts is met by countries in West Africa, such as Ivory Coast and Tanzania, which are the main supply markets for Indian importers. Edible cashew nuts have been used as an appetizer for a long time and are now gaining prominence as premium snacks. For example, a mature cashew plant is estimated to live 50 to 60 years after fruiting within the third and fifth years, with an average nut yield for a mature cashew tree ranging from 7 to 11 kg per year. We will further analyze how to start a cashew nut business in Nigeria, which will be an exhibition on how individuals or groups can easily enter and further access the value chain of the cashew business.

Cashew nuts are known to be high in nutrients, such as copper, which improves bone health, since an ounce of cashew contains 622 micrograms of copper. A number of value-added products can be manufactured, such as fresh and fermented beverages, jams, pulp and juice, wine, cookies, puddings, pickles and confectionery products using cashew nuts.