Why are cashew prices so high?

Cashew nuts can be harvested only once a year. We have to invest a huge amount of money and store them. If cashew nuts could be harvested regularly, the market price wouldn't be as high. Since the harvest takes place only once a year, cashew nuts are expensive.

One of the reasons cashew nuts are popular around the world is their nutritional value. Multiple studies praise cashew nuts for their effects, including reducing harmful cholesterol, boosting the immune system, and strengthening muscles and nerves. The health benefits of cashew nuts make them a popular snack even in times of excess. Roasting cashew nuts to destroy toxins is also dangerous, as the toxins are released into the air.

The whole process is labor intensive and dangerous, which helps partly explain why cashew nuts are so expensive. The factors that influence the price of cashew nuts have created an environment in which cashew nuts are sold at a higher price. Cashew nuts can only grow in tropical climates, which excludes the vast majority of countries in the world. What makes matters even more complicated is that it takes two to three months for a cashew nut (also known as cashew nuts) to produce a cashew seed (also known as cashew nuts) suitable for consumption.

Beyond carries out business practices that could produce more expensive cashew nuts, but it enriches Benin's communities, farmers and entrepreneurs. In addition, repeated exposure to cashew nut oil will destroy protective equipment, which must be replaced for the safety of workers. Beyond the Nut ensures that every worker has the necessary protective equipment to process cashew nuts while minimizing the risk of injury.