Why cashew is famous in goa?

The importance of the cashew nut to Goa's economy is equivalent to that of the coconut palm. It is the most sought after commercial crop and is widely cultivated, especially for its nuts and juice, whether natural or fermented to produce feni. Cashew nuts are an integral part of Goa's identity and, over the years, have become synonymous with Goa. Goa cashew nuts are very famous not only in other parts of India but also in some foreign countries.

Tourists visiting the state make sure to buy cashew nuts before leaving Goa. In addition to cashew nuts, feni and urrac from Goa, alcoholic beverages made with cashew nuts are also known. In addition to consuming cashew nuts as dried fruit or as an appetizer, “Biya bhaji”, a sauce made with cashew nuts, is very popular along with the “sides” of cashew nuts. The cashew nut journey to Goa began nearly 450 years ago, when Portuguese missionaries brought the cashew plant from Brazil to prevent soil erosion in the state.

In addition to the great benefits offered by cashew nuts, the flavor is also incredibly impressive and can be enjoyed in a wide variety of options, ranging from savory to sweet foods. A Portuguese missionary from Brazil brought the cashew tree to Goa to stop soil erosion along with the western coast of India. These cashew nuts were harvested on Sakhalim farms and are the highest quality Goa cashew nuts available. Zantye cashew nuts are harvested on Sanquelim farms, implementing the organic cultivation method that is responsible for the production of high-quality cashew nuts.

Currently, Zantye's leads the cashew processing industry in Goa and sells quality Goa cashew nuts in stores and online. Hand-picked Goa cashew nuts are famous all over the world, and there is a huge market both online and online where Goa cashew nuts are available in a wide variety, from roasted cashew nuts to flavored cashew nuts. The magnesium found in cashew nuts helps reduce the frequency and severity of recurrent migraines by helping to relax blood vessels. Since cashew is known as a real addition to recipes, it's no surprise that Indians never compromise on quality and flavor when buying cashew nuts online.

Since cashew is an integral part of life in Goa, Marcou Artefacts has designed creative artifacts that resemble fruit and that add brightness to home decor. In recent decades, Goa's cashew processing industry has prospered and has succeeded in exporting these nuts all over the world. From tree to table, the process of growing and harvesting cashew nuts in Goa is intensive, with attention to detail and care at every step. The local population of Goa began to consume cashew nuts in the mid-18th century and has now become one of the most common consumer foods.

Zantye cashew nuts are free from pesticide contamination due to traditional harvesting methods handed down over four generations over nearly 100 years.